Vac-35 Heavy-Duty Vacuum

Heavy-Duty Vacuum

Collection Bags and Deflector

The large collection bags are made of a tough mildew resistant synthetic material with an extra long zipper. Our exclusive Spin Pak deflector directs debris downward and actually packs it into the bag allowing for a greater degree of fill

Chassis and Handle

The 1" diameter tubular steel handles are bolted to the 12 gauge welded steel chassis providing a solid and reliable framework.

Bag Platform

Available on most models, the bag platform increases the machine's versatility. The galvanized steel platform is fully supported by two swivel casters.

Vacuum Housings

Vacuum housing are constructed of a tough lightweight ABS plastic and are designed for unobstructed airflow contributing to unequaled vacuum efficiency.


The Vac-35 Impeller is a tough lightweight aluminum/magnesium alloy. The custom designed 5 blade, non-sparking impeller is precision balanced at the factory for optimum performance.

Wheels and Tires

Tires are 5" x 14", fully pneumatic and deeply cleated. They are mounted on heavy duty steel wheels.

Intake Housing

All intake housings are manufactured of a tough, color impregnated, impact resistant plastic material specifically designed for this application.

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